Mark Schueler.   Sr. Director of Ticket Sales and Service, Cincinnati Reds

I had the pleasure of hiring Tom and working with him to create a customized training to achieve our goal of simplifying communication both internally and externally. Over two days Tom trained 40+ people in our department sharing simple yet effective strategies to improve writing. The best part about working with Tom is the instant results! Immediately after my staff took his course my inbox started to fill up and I could already see a drastic improvement in their communication. I would recommend Tom to any company that is looking to improve communication quickly and effectively.

Chuck Saletta, Procter & Gamble

 “This note strongly recommends Dr. Tom Clark’s business writing program.

Upon rewriting our contractors’ communication templates based on his training:
* Response time from stakeholders on feedback requests reduced by more than 80%.
* Feedback quality improved so that the first response was routinely actionable.
* Typical request approval cycles shrunk to 3 days, vs. 10+ previously.

The improvements were so immediate and dramatic that within a week of implementing them on a pilot project, our team began redesigning communication templates on other projects within our overall service.”

As L&D Senior Manager at P&G-Gillette’s Boston offices, I hired Richard on several occasions to provide Communiskills’ one-day course on ‘Business Writing for Scientists and Engineers’ for our technical population. The course exceeded all expectations. Richard ensured that it was tailored for the types of technical and business writing favored at our company, the materials were excellent, and Richard’s instruction was first-rate. As a former P&G employee, Richard connected well with our learners, and found ways to improve the course each time he taught it. As a result, our technical population accelerated their adoption of the P&G standards for communicating technical information, so critical to the way project decisions are made. Learners have raved about the quality of this course and the results they’ve gotten from it. I highly recommend Richard as a professional trainer and facilitator.

Bonnie Louis, Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors

I was only a 20 year old young aspiring marketer when I first had the privilege of being accepted into Dr. Thomas Clark’s business class circa 1999.  I was instantly captivated by his knowledge and the way he conveyed that knowledge to captivate a classroom.  I am now a successful real estate agent and sit on many Executive Directory Boards.  I was in search of someone to be our headlining presenter on business etiquette for our Young Professional Network and went straight to Dr. Clark.  Needless to say, he delivered.  The Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors was thrilled by his dynamic combination of fundamentals, novelties, seriousness and humor.  We are making arrangements to have him back again to speak for another business series because he was so positively received. 

Rick Center, The Procter & Gamble Company, General Electric

I use the concepts I learned from Tom’s CommuniSkills curriculum on an daily basis. It is the single most important training of my professional career. It was so valuable to me at P&G that I introduced Tom to GE, and CommuniSkills is now part of GE’s leadership program curriculum. Tom’s communication training is a “must have” for professionals who rely on written and oral communication to influence others.

Senior Director, Microsoft Business Solutions

Wow, this is awesome! This is the best summary of P&G writing/thinking I’ve ever seen.”

Stephen L. Schwalbe, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Communications & Public Affairs, TriHealth

“The email class Tom developed and implemented for TriHealth was a huge improvement in our internal communications effectiveness, and was well received by both our senior management and front line employees alike.

“The way I look at it, why wouldn’t we employ the same discipline and evidenced-based tools in our primary business communications tools as we do our clinical decision tools? Tom and Communiskills really jump-started that for us.”

Rob Starghill, P&G Chemicals R&D 

I recently took a corporate course entitled, “Technical Report Writing Made Simple” facilitated by Tom Clark, Professor in Communications at Xavier and co-developer of CommuniSkills training, and was very impressed by the course content and presenter.

I was so impressed, I asked Tom for his help in writing PGC’s nomination for the EPA’s Presidential Green Award. He graciously agreed.  His input was and advice was top-notch and transformed a good nomination to a GREAT one (based on readers’ comments.)

It is my pleasure to recommend his course to be considered as part of the R&D College curriculum.

PhD, The Procter & Gamble Company

During my Master’s and Doctoral programs, I was successfully trained to write long, comprehensive scientific manuscripts. One of the most challenging aspects of on-boarding into the corporate world was learning to write the all important business memo.As trained in graduate school, I felt it necessary to create masterful and detailed “mini-novels” to inform my colleagues of the tremendous amount of research it took to reach my conclusions and recommendations.

After attending a meeting in which I answered one too many questions in which the answer was on page 12, I signed up for Dr. Clark’s business writing course, followed by his oral communication course.

The tools I have acquired in Dr. Clark’s courses have helped increase my efficiency and effectiveness as I am able to quickly distill mountains of information into quality, easily read, one- to -two page memos. I have and continue to leverage these tools in m oral communications as well. My career has greatly benefited. Thanks, Dr. Clark.

PhD, The Procter & Gamble Company

I had many communication classes in universities throughout the world, including in a US top 5 MBA school. Significantly, I never encountered anyone as efficient as Professor Tom Clark in terms of translating communication theory and textbooks into practical strategies to be productive and successful at work.Dr. Clark’s coaching was excellent in improving my writing, listening, speaking, and persuasion skills. Using a simple formula, I learned how to quickly write brief and to the point one-page memos, and then editing for logical consistency and reader’s trust.

I became a better listener by committing to apply listening skills in daily work meetings, and then discussing with Dr. Clark how to further improve those skills. I now “listen” to more than just words or nonverbal communication. For instance, in a face to face meeting I am aware of the different types of behaviors used by the other participants and I react accordingly.

I improved my speaking skills by rehearsing real-life work questions from top management and answers with  Dr. Clark on video. By analyzing these videos with Professor Clark, I learned to address the specific customer needs, organize my thoughts before speaking, and project an overall positive and socially productive image.

Finally, in terms of persuasion, Dr. Clark was very effective in showing me how to turn potential real-life work conflicts into manageable win/win interactions, where showing respect for the other party is essential to achieve my own objectives. I was recently appointed to be a representative of my large company in meetings with the US FDA, a long-waited dream of mine. This is due in part to my noticeable improvement in communication skills. Attending an FDA meeting is a significant achievement for anyone in the organization, and even more so for someone like me who is not a native-speaker of English; I credit Dr. Clark for helping me achieve this goal.

P&G Regulatory Affairs

 I see every chapter of this training as useful to me for building competence and confidence in my position in Regulatory Affairs. A substantial portion of my job requires documentation from emails to strategy documents, from legally binding risk assessments to business proposals. I’m also a technician in the stewardship of regulatory affairs and occasionally struggle with conveying my technical needs to brand management. I anticipate this training helping on all counts.

Customer Business Development, Procter & Gamble

I wanted to thank you for teaching the Business Writing class today. I enjoyed it very much and learned a great deal about communicating effectively on the job here at P&G. Your program was clear, concise and practical. It has been the most enlightening training course I have had to date and will undoubtedly be of great benefit to me during my career with the company.

Sr. Scientist

Dr. Clark provided a well rounded demonstration of how best to communicate our testing/observations into aormat that is widely used within the P&G culture. His lecture was thorough, concise and relevant to our needs at P&G. I feel that in the future I will be able to streamline my documents down to what is most important for my reading audience. He was extremelyrelatable and made the
atmosphere welcoming and nurturing. I would gladly attend any other courses he teaches.

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