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Planning a successful meeting

Tips to Planning a Successful Meeting – Bring a PAL

Planning a successful meeting

Planning a meeting? Bring a PAL.

All of us have attended meetings that lack a sense of focus, organization or purpose. That’s why we recommend you plan all meetings with a PAL - Purpose, Agenda & Length. A PAL lets the meeting attendees prepare for the meeting and clarify key elements.


Con firm the meeting’s objective in terms that reminds the audience of the important results the meeting will accomplish.


List the key topics planned for the meeting. When appropriate, include who is responsible for each topic.


Clarify how long it should take. Be as considerate as you can of others’ time, while still being realistic.

Also include any other information that helps participants prepare for the meeting. This could include information about attendees or preparations by participants.

Distribute the PAL early enough that participants can get meaningful value from it. Allow at least 24 hours for attendees to review.

Need an example?

Bonus Tip: 

Be sure to include any administrative assistants on the PAL distribution. The AAs can help executives prepare items and let them know if they are on the agenda and for what. It’s never a good idea for an executive to be surprised to find their name on an agenda when they arrive at a meeting.