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Promoting Telemarketing Experience in Resumes and Job Interviews

Here are some qualities that you can promote on paper and orally if you have worked as a telemarketer.


  • Communicate effectively with customers from all wealth ranges
  • Skilled at building rapport and influencing others
  • Used a persuasive strategy of benefit statements, dealing with concerns, asking for a decision
  • Listen well with good attention to timing, attending to both facts and feelings
  • Used recognition successfully to motivate giving
  • Praised for clear, articulate speech and speaking with enthusiasm
  • Achieved goals even when dealing with difficult personalities
  • Dealt well with rejection; maintaining a positive attitude and immediately dialing next number


  • Trained callers on techniques of persuasive selling
  • Used positive attitude and challenging goals to motivate colleagues to meet daily goals

Goal oriented

  • Achieved recognition in a competitive environment by persisting in pursuing sales goals
  • Work well independently and on a team
  • Manage time well

Positive personal qualities:  Identified as

  • Loyal: worked at this job for 3 years, with consistently improving results
  • Serious about work, prepared well for tasks
  • Confident, eager to do a good job
  • Friendly, courteous and personable
  • Trustworthy and reliable