1-Day, Half Day, and 1-Hour Workshops

CommuniSkills tailors each workshop to the individual needs of your project, team, or organization; here are some representative half-day and full-day workshops as well as a list of 60-minute presentations appropriate for meetings, conventions, virtual learning and lunch and learn workshops.

Representative One-day and Half-day Workshops 

  • Professional Business Writing: Organization, Design, and Style
  • Technical Writing Made Simple: Designed for Engineers and Scientists
  • Effective E-mail, Voice Mail, and Text Messaging:  How to create messages that can be easily understood when read on cell phone screens
  • Writing for Finance & Accounting: Designed for F&A Professionals
  • Presentation Skills, including compelling and persuasive arguments, audience and situation analysis, delivery, and visually based presentation slides.
  • Crucial Conversations, how to have successful dialogues in situations characterized by high emotions and differences of opinion   
  • Crucial Accountability, how to encourage peers and direct reports to fulfill their responsibilities

One-hour Workshops

Five-week sequence

  1. Business Writing Principles and Practices
  2. Using Structured Writing Principles to Plan and Organize Messages
  3. Writing Complex Messages
  4. Editing and Revising Messages for Multicultural Audience
  5. Answering Questions Effectively in Presentations and Meetings
  • Other One-hour Workshops
  • Business Etiquette:  “Be Gracious to Everyone You Meet”
  • Good Manners:  Introductions, Small Talk and Dining Do’s and Don’ts
  • Four Principles of Networking Success  
  • How to Listen So Others Will Listen to You
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