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Technical Writing skills

Full Range of Business Writing Skills

CommuniSkills delivers proven technical writing and editing services.  We have been praised for helping participants compose business messages that are inviting to read, easily understood, logically argued, and effectively related to reader and company objectives and design documents that meet the different needs of a variety of technical and business readers, including the effective use of executive summaries, headings, lists, toplines, and graphic aids to allow easy navigation of your reports.

We offer both expertise and confidentiality concerning the materials we edit. We offer a full range of services, from original writing, to editing for logic and persuasion, to proofreading for grammar, punctuation, spelling, correctness, clarity, and visual appeal.

Our approach succeeds because students find it easy to learn and apply immediately.  Our teaching approach rests on three foundations:

–Simple to understand and apply success strategies. Initial exercises serve as a platform for more complex exercises. They will highlight the relationship of good document design to helping readers meet their goals when they skim, scan, and read documents word-for-word.

–Model documents: The workbook provides good examples upon which workshop participants can model their own documents.

–Logical coherence: You will learn to use matrixes to plan and organize thoughts prior to preparing a draft of a memo or presentation. This approach assures coherent argumentation, with Goals, Findings, and Steps aligned with one another.

Mobile Phone Messaging

Learn approaches to develop messages on cell phones or smaller tablets.  Consider organizational techniques and how they apply to writing on different sized screens.  Think about how the message might be displayed and how to organize based on the different ways that an individual may receive correspondence.

Also, develop techniques for writing text messages that are reader friendly and can fit on a single screen.

Procedural Writing

Learn to write step-by-step procedures that help users get the right results, while still meeting the needs of approvers, auditors, and other stakeholders.

This training uses a powerful combination of classroom instruction and in-depth 1:1 feedback sessions with the instructor to help participants balance 5 sometimes conflicting characteristics of great procedures:  Completeness, Conciseness, Clarity, Reader-friendliness, and Compliance.

During this class, participants work on real procedures related to their jobs, getting feedback from the instructor and fellow participants.

Science & Engineering

CommuniSkills consultants have helped scientists and engineers write so both their technical and business colleagues can understand the importance of the findings they report. Typical messages include monthly reports, proposals, technical analyses, procedural memos, and articles for publication in scholarly and trade journals.  See an example of a complex before and after summary of scientific findings.  Note how, in contrast to the original, the design and organization of the revised version highlights the business impact of the findings.

Finance & Accounting

We have helped F&A specialists write reconciliation reviews, project summaries, status updates, audit reports, and trip summaries. See an example of a before and after audit report.  Note how toplining the results in the after report allows readers to quickly review the actions that were taken and those scheduled for future implementation.

Sales & Advertising

We are expert at writing and editing advertising and sales correspondence, including multi-year budget previews, competitive analyses, recommendation memos and sales literature.  See a before and after sales report submitted by a sales representative to a sales manager.  The design of the revised memo clearly outlines the most important information to the Sales Manager:  the objectives in the opening, toplines that show the extent to which each objective was met, and action steps that follow up on the two objectives where goals were not met.

A second memo demonstrates  how to use document design tools such as headings, lists, and indentation to list the steps needed to implement a procedure

Career Correspondence

We cost-effectively create compelling and visually attractive letters of application, resumes, and thank you letters in a variety of formats including formal, electronic, and scannable. See a letter of application that demonstrates the candidate meets all the application criteria listed in the advertisement for the position.

Crisis Communication

We are experts in helping companies prepare for crisis situations, including press releases, speeches and interviews. See an example of an email sent by a sales manager to sales staff, intended to prevent the loss of patent rights to an important proprietary technology.  The revised version immediately indicates the actions required to protect patent rights, the reasons why, and the specific follow up steps readers are asked to implement to meet company goals.

Customer Relations

CommuniSkills has worked closely with companies and nonprofit organizations to assure that their external communication effectively addresses customer needs. We have helped design and revise annual reports, company correspondence to consumers, and letters to shareholders.


We have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and have helped insurance companies write short and long-term strategic plans.


We have edited reports written to federal regulatory agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. We have also taught scientists how to prepare reports that met agencies’ goals for internal consistency.

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