Snap Your Way to Success!

Snap Your Way to Success!

Thinking Positively Leads to Superior Performance
Psychologists and motivational coaches often recommend a practical approach to help their clients banish the negative thinking that can paralyze performance:  wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it whenever you catch yourself thinking a negative thought (“I’m not going to do well in the job interview because I’m so nervous”) or on the verge of indulging in a habit you are trying to break (eating sweets, smoking, complaining). It reminds you to replace that thought with a positive, solution-oriented one.

Setting Realistic Goals is the First Step
While the idea of wearing a rubber band on your wrist and snapping it when you are about to say or do something negative may seem simplistic, almost silly, people who have adopted the technique have successfully overcome everything from nail biting to nagging.  To make wrist snapping an important part of your effort to make a positive change in your life, first assess what changes you need to make and set goals for those changes.  Once you’ve determined what changes you want to make and have established your goals, wearing a wrist band and snapping it can be a helpful tool in keeping you on track to success!

Wrist bands can be especially helpful in your efforts to become a more effective communicator
Negative self talk is a common impediment to successful oral presentations.  Speakers undermine their ability to give dynamic presentations by repeating negative thoughts before a speech: “I just know I’m going to forget something important” or “I am so afraid of getting a question I won’t be able to answer.”  Writers limit their ability to produce successful documents through negative self-talk:  “I never have time to organize my thoughts well on paper” or “I’ve never been a very good writer.”

Snapping a wrist band can stop negative thoughts before they become entrenched in your mind and alert you to the need to “stop, rewind, and rethink” the situation.  You can then replace the negative thought (“I just know I’m going to forget something important”) with a positive self-talk message (“I’m confident that I will remember all the important points in my presentation if I practice it beforehand, and my Power Point slides will be a helpful aid”).

How to get a free wristband
CommuniSkills wants to give you a high-quality, custom-made wrist band with an affirmative message (“Make It Happen!”) free of charge.  Here’s how to place your order:

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