CommuniSkills™ is an internationally experienced company with a track record of helping executives and professionals communicate their best thinking and and ensure that they get actionable results from their written and oral communication. Our clients, which include many world-class companies, have praised our cost-effective classes and individual coaching for delivering immediate and long-lasting improvements in participants’ job performance.

Key advantages to using CommuniSkills’ editing and writing services

Efficiency and Effectiveness Using CommuniSkills’ writing and editing talents on consulting teams is the most effective and synergistic use of expertise to produce professional documents–reports that highlight both technical and business benefits and that build confidence that companies are getting an excellent return on their consulting dollars.

Easy Implementation With electronic communication, documents can be drafted, written, and edited on a 24/7 basis with quick turnaround.

Outstanding Expertise Dr. Thomas Clark, an award-winning Professor of Management at Xavier University, and Richard Zaunbrecher, MBA, have an outstanding track record of success, having taught technical writing skills to thousands of employees at Procter & Gamble and other major companies over the past twenty-five years.

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For further information e-mail, or call CommuniSkills at:
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513.413.2824  Tom Clark, PhD

978-729-3410  Richard Zaunbrecher, MBA

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