NO  TIME  TO  THINK:  Reflections  on  Information  Technology   and  Contemplative  Scholarship   

By David M. Levy

This  paper  argues  that  the  accelerating  pace  of  life  is  reducing  the  time  for  thoughtful  reflection,  and  in  particular  for  contemplative  scholarship,  within  the  academy.  It  notes  that  the  loss  of  time  to  think  is  occurring  at  exactly  the  moment  when  scholars,  educators,  and  students  have  gained  access  to  digital  tools  of  great  value  to  scholarship.  It  goes  on  to  explore  how  and  why  both  of  these  facts  might  be  true,  what  it  says  about  the  nature  of  scholarship,  and  what  might  be  done  to  address  this  state  of  affairs.  

Download the entire article: No Time To Think, by David Levy

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