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The Need for Effective Communication:  Clear, easy-to-handle communication is more important now than ever. With managers having less time to write, and readers having less time to read, getting things right the first time is crucial. And that depends on clear, efficient messages that cannot be misunderstood—messages written using best practices for content, organization, and design.

Adding urgency to this situation is the explosive growth of instant electronic communication media, one of the biggest technological shifts since the creation of the internet.  Creating clear e-mail, voice mail, text messages, wikis, blogs, and PowerPoint slides demands new approaches to win all three of the readers’ moments of truth: when they skim, then scan, and finally read a message word for word.

About CommuniSkills: 

CommuniSkills™ is an internationally experienced company with a track record of helping executives and professionals communicate their best thinking and ensure that they get actionable results from their written, oral, and interpersonal communication.

Clients: Our clients, which include many world-class companies, have praised our cost-effective classes and individual coaching for delivering immediate and long-lasting improvements in participants’ job performance. 

CommuniSkills’ experts help talented executives and professionals succeed by communicating more effectively. Our tools and principles reflect a 30-year partnership at P&G, where we have taught over 500 workshops.

Flexible teaching approaches:  We offer workshops via remote channels in addition to those offered at our clients’ facilities.

Train the trainer:  We help improve the training materials of client companies and “train the trainers” so internal resources can successfully teach the improved materials.

Outcomes:  With our classes or individual coaching, clients learn to

– Create arguments that are informative, persuasive, concise, and complete

– Sensitively adapt arguments to audiences and situations

– Use principles of graphic design to help readers locate and retrieve the most important information and arguments

Proven Results:  For leaders who recognize that effective communication is necessary for their teams to succeed, CommuniSkills offers a variety of classes that have proven track records of effectiveness with major companies.

Testimony:  For example, a manager at a leading consumer products company writes

This note strongly recommends Dr. Tom Clark’s business writing program.
Upon rewriting our contractors’ communication templates based on his training:
* Response time from stakeholders on feedback requests reduced by more than 80%.
* Feedback quality improved so that the first response was routinely actionable.
* Typical request approval cycles shrunk to 3 days, vs. 10+ previously.
The improvements were so immediate and dramatic that within a week of implementing them on a pilot project, our team began redesigning communication templates on other projects within our overall service.

Survey:  In a survey that measured whether managers saw an improvement in the skill taught in a workshop their direct reports attended, our business writing class ranked first of over 25 classes offered in the company’s training program. And several executives have told us that the only workbook they took to their new positions at other companies is the one we provided in our workshop.

What We Offer:  In our business communication classes, participants are actively engaged in creating messages that reflect the writer’s best thinking, are concise and complete, and are designed to be visually attractive and to facilitate easy finding and retrieving of  information relevant to reader concerns.

We can develop a class to meet the specific needs of your organization, including topics you request and using examples drawn from your employees’ work experience. For example, we have developed and taught courses specifically for Marketing, Sales, Finance, R&D, Engineering, Auditing, and other disciplines.

Unique Benefits of CommuniSkills’ Classes: CommuniSkills offers a unique combination of benefits, including skilled instructors, confidential reviews of participants’ writing, and workbooks tailored to each organization’s needs–all at local engagement pricing.

Evaluations tell us that participants

  • Express their best thoughts more clearly
  • Write and speak in an organized, disciplined framework
  • Develop persuasive communication that leads to action and improves the quality of execution
  • Understand the value of “winning the first moment of truth” by designing messages that reflect contemporary graphic design principles

Next Steps: We have recently scheduled workshops with a Fortune 50 software company, a major grocery store chain, an architecture firm,  a major pet food provider, an international supplier of industrial cable, a major league baseball team, and a leading consumer products manufacturer.

If you wish to book a date with us, we suggest you schedule a pilot workshop now before our schedule is filled, so that we can initiate our relationship and you can gain immediate results in improved communication. We are offering substantial discounts for classes scheduled for November & December.

Free to all

1. Creating Legally Defensible Messages

This report highlights the actions business communicators can take to create legally defensible messages.  This is important because the  “litigation explosion”  has had a  serious impact on business communications.

Consider these three facts:  1) Careless words as much as actual business practices have become decisive factors in legal cases, influencing both the decision to bring a case and the ultimate decision on the merits of the case. 2) Internal thought processes are subject to discovery.  3) Some readers may not be your intended readers.

To download or print this 8-page report, click here There’s no obligation, and we won’t send you follow-up emails.

2. P&G Writing Quick Reference Guide

This is an easy-to-use, two-page summary of the principles behind the legendary P&G Writing course, updated for today’s environment and technology. Over the last 35 years, thousands of P&G professionals and executives have benefited from the practical, easy-to-apply ideas in P&G Writing, developed by CommuniSkills using input from P&G leadership.

To download or print the Quick Reference Guide, click here. There’s no obligation, and we won’t send you follow-up emails.

3,  Insights vs Observations 170922

Open this link to learn how draw meaningful inferences from data.

4. Click here to open 10 free videos on career communication, networking, and LinkedIn.

5. Link to Leadership & Communication: An Interview with Bob Herbold

6. Link to Bob McDonald interview on the difference in communicating in business, the military, and in government.

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Happy writing!

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